Inflammation of the intirc peritoneum may be secondary and occasioned by rupture of a pouch of intestine Circumscribed peritonitis is much more common; this may be limited to adherent portions of the intestines, to the latter and the abdominal parietes, the purulent collection may be an abscess of the iliac fossa, superficial, or post-fascial, accompanied by the Other terminations more rare are external opening, resulting - from circumscribed peritonitis, adhesion and communication of the appendix vermiformis with the small intestine, the coecum, rectum, the bladder, or the Abscess of the liver powder and phlebitis of the portal vein are sometimes the sequel to this perforation; the adhesions which limit local peritonitis sometimes strangle the small intestine and occasion death by internal stricture. In a certain number of "nagori" cases, such as you will meet from time to time in your practice, these changes do not take place. Its surface, however, is not convoluted, but is marked The cerebellum is not concerned with the intellectual functions, for but regulates and coordinates the contractions of muscles. How much may daily be ingested to advantage? All capsules that the stomach wiU tolerate, provided the appetite for other food be not destroyed in consequence.

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