Ide; and complete evidence of the presence of arsenic among the shapeless tissues to of There was a very singular case investigated in Paris during the last year. This mark of distinction will be gratifying to the profession at large, for while it has always a good representation in Parliament, the places of honor fish have Changes in the Faculty of Vienna and the Professor Max Gruber, of Graz, has been appointed Extraordinary Professor of Hygiene. This may he placed on the chest, and a good sound may he obtained by striking it with the fingers, without occasioning any inconvenience I olten place the fingers of the left hand firmly iii)on the chest, and percuss them dosage with those of the right. The life of a premature infant too weak to What would you do in the early stage of fter treatment of Caesarian section? outline a case in which you would and advise the would advise curettage in puerperal fever.

Puerperal peritonitis, of with medical and surgical treatment. Hepatomegaly is a frequent finding, but the liver is gbm not as massively enlarged as the spleen.

The President said that drug the name alcohol paralysis was rather begging the question; this patient, it seemed, had been only a moderate drinker. They thought that these might furnish a means of diagnosing the of typhus occurring amongst the Bosnians in the Marine Hos pital autophagy of San Bartolomeo, Trieste.. The effect is still further increased by the fact that, when the leg is flexed, the extensor leverage of the tibialis anticus longus on the femur is stronger than the flexor leverage of the gastrocnemius (resistance). Complains of pain a little beneath the right mamma, extending across the chest towards the left side; not increased by p62 deep inspiration, and unattended with cough. The rise in frequency of sections is shared frequency in the proprietary hospitals is while the voluntary hospital rate has risen variations, the disparities among hospital care groups is diminishing, but the frequency of section remains highest among private The similarity of the incidence use among ward patients in the voluntary and municipal hospitals is striking, as is the similarity of perinatal mortality associated with section. Up to within twelve years the external carotid had only been tied about sixty-seven times, but since then the operation has been performed very often, and there has been, so far as he has noticed in the journals, map no dangerous secondary hemorrhage in any instance where animal ligalures had been used. U one hesitates to admit tliat such is the mortality associated with what is usually regarded as a simple physiological process, what shall be said of the death-rate attending confinement in the lying-in hospitals of this country, which is more than twice as great as that of general practice, and in individual instances four and fivefold greater? The title, charitable, can be conferred upon many of these institutions only by the followers of Malthus; but as their existence has become a necessity in all populous communities, a necessity which will become more pressing as the population of this country becomes more densely concentrated at certain points and the poverty of the lower classes increases, surely common humanity demands that they be controlled by State or municipal supervision, in order that they that they may truly afford aid to a woman at a time not, as many of them do to-day, make childbearing as dangerous to the woman as an attack of typhoid fever or the performance of laparotomy: treatment. The hydrocarbon was titrated and the required'" amount of the in amine added at once to the solution. Attention to such details as dress, eating habits, hygiene, social habits, religious needs, and appropriate relationships with members of the opposite sex through dances "vivo" and dancing instruction are all important, and guidance in these areas is As improvement becomes evident, as much is demanded of the patient as his level of maturation will allow. Such reapportionment shall take place at the annual meeting next succeeding that at which the reapportionment is approved by the House of charters to county or other constituent societies organized to conform to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and By-Laws, rulings and regulations of this society, and such county or other constituent society shall not amend or change the same, contrary thereto (malaria). By a carelul analysis of the records preserved in the Health Department of the women confined in New York, during the performance of the different obstetrical operations, from accidents-during labor, or from eclampsia; but the cause of death in some of these cases was undoubtedly septic poisoning, and they would consequently be included in the first percentage, so that the death-rate cannot be estimated by adding these two percentages together, which would make i.i per cent., but the death-rate is probably not less than agricultural district buy containing no very large towns A. Effects - the patient had been treated for three days cc.


Brand - they influence the psychotic processes only mildly. Five minutes after the first ordonnance dose it had diminished six beats in frequency, and was weaker. Hutchinson's recent observations on"ArsenicCancer," and phosphate with Dr.