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With a conscious and deliberate effort, led by medical education, to reestablish those ties, we can recapture the human component does of medicine and in the process, enable scientific medicine to achieve its full potential. The same treatment, when appl ed to patients with the morphine habit, has to be given much azulfidine longer, and sometimes must be modified, by add ing bromides, or gradually reducing the morphine. (azulfidine) - in this manner act the phosphates, and also the alkali salts of the plasma proteins and of the In regard to such buffers two general laws may be stated, the principles underlying both of which may be found in L. Returning together to Geneva, and encountering the reproaches of their several friends, they merely answered in their defence:' Go, as we have gone, to the Montanvert, and take your share of the pure air that is to be breathed there; look thence at the unfamiliar beauties of nature; contemplate from that terrace the greatness of oral natural objects, and the littleness of man; and then you will no longer be astonished that nature has enabled us to subdue our passion'." A great deal of the case for mountaineering as a hygienic measure is expressed in those quotations, and it may be left to casuists to argue whether the mountaineer feels good because he is well, or gets well because he is feeling good. The difference due to temperature, "tablets" however, was evidently less than the approximate equivalent of potential carbohydrate in protein.