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Others again make claim that in many cases much responsibility may be laid upon the With the object in view of seeing to which side of this mooted question my personal experience in the treatment of this class of cases tended, I have endeavored to make such critical examination of the cases of adult bez eczema occurring in my private practice, within the past two years, as notes taken somewhat hastily, and in some cases meagrely, would allow, and to present to you the results of such examination for vour discussion and criticism. These adult teeth being placed in a distinct set of sockets, and pris the upper sockets being gradually removed as the under ones increase in size, at length the temporary, or upper teeth, having no longer any support, fall out. I rode in all about eight miles, going down a fairly steep declivity cvs with ease, and descending a longer and perhaps steeper declivity with almost equal ease. I give the history of a case "receta" that had apparently passed insanity, and the supposed cause of disease was given as overwork.