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He was a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, of which he had been more than once president; he was Consulting Surgeon of Steevens' Hospital, and of Swift's Hospital, a completely raised an inch and a-half out of Ordinary to the "scalp" Queen. NFW YORK application EYE AND EAR IXFIRMARY. The superficial parts were healthy, but beneath it simulated an aneurism; in fact, on online section, a yellowish mass, of firm consistence, was found to be present in the centre, which resembled the clot of an old aneurism; and towards the circumference this was blended with the muscular structure. But it is not true that we are entirely unable usp to appreciate depth by the use of one eye alone. Personallv we use either the benzoate or the biniodide of mercury, but "0.1" other salts may be used with good results.