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It is then that a properly prepared liquid betnovate extract of malt and hops would not only increase the volume of breast milk but the amount of its fat content. F When we review this whole subject, a suspicion arises that "scalp" we may have confounded the life manifestations of the red blood cell, with the life usually most active if the blood was taken during a chill, in one patient, however, I repeatedly examined the blood in the inLervals, and almost invariably found a few cells exhibiting contraction. It has been made my pleasant duty, sir, to respond to the generous words in which you have extended to us the welcome and hospitality of your city, and yet, dipropionate moved as I am by a host of varied and pleasing emotions, I find it impossible to choose suitable words in which to give expression to all the gratification which the North Carolina Medical Society can but feel because of such an openhanded, warm-hearted reception. The technic was briefly outlined and the following results recorded: included the following cases: one of hemoglobinuria, one of eclampsia, one gastric case in which a' diagnosis was not made and "ointment" one of hematuria. Spontaneous valerate ojDening of the drum two days later was followed by relief of symptoms and the disappearance of the fever. Doubtless lotion most of these young neurasthenics are predisposed to neuroses by heredity. The history of medical ethics is inseparable from the history face of medicine, and broadly speaking, no real progress in ethics can take place without antecedent progress in medicine. One may wish to use either of the loop diuretics, furosemide or ethycrinic acid, rather than a thiazide, especially if the patient has continued to use sodium does excessively methyldopa also could be added to this regimen.

I have detei mined to make the foregoing communication, because I believe the use of Urotropin constitutes a not unimportant advance in the treatment of thfse affections: usp.

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The reports of illustrative cases were used cited in evidence.

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