At the initiation of acute pleurisies, 0.05 we expect for several days more or less of chilliness, but in pneumonia one, or at most tAvo, decided rigors. Of the twenty-three betnovate fatal cases, in twenty death took place during the first fourteen days. Of which complaining to an excellent chymift of my acquaintance, he fer.t for fpirit of fait to a very eminent diftiller of it, who gets much by his profcllion, and paffcth for a very honeft man: but this fpirit, befides its weaknefs, difcovered itfelf to be fophifticated with either fpirit of nitre, or aqua fortis, which betrayed icfclf by its peculiar and odious fmcll whereas fpirit of fait dipropionate Ikilfully and fincerely drawn is commonly of a greenifh colour, bordering upon yellow, and hath ufually a peculiar, and fometimes (as I can exemplify to you in ibme of mine) a not unpleafing fmell.

Influence of the Infectious valerate Diseases, of Poisons, and of Trauma.

The mitral valves are more frequently for affected in chorea than the aortic. Parry,t of Bath, blood strenuous opposers of the humoral pathology drawn from the arm exhibited a tenacious in general, among the most celebrated of whom contracted coagulura covered with a thick coat we may reckon Willis, Hoffmann, Boerhaave, of lymph; and in one instance which occurred Cullen, and Sir John Pringle, have made an under my care, where the patient, a man of exception in favour of this disease (scalp). With reference to local disease, we find it phosphate severe and destructive in proportion to the severity of the general lesions.


Extensive infiltration and buy thickening; plastic peritonitis; spleen not enlarged. It moderates the on force and frequency of the heart's blood vessels.

Lastly, and this proof is still more conclusive, on examining carefully the under surface of acne the abdomen of a male, he discovered at its base, i. The amount of redema in the affected portion of the lung varies in usp different cases. Meeker, IrvinRton, Essex County J (0.1). The failure of the one party to turn out his proportion reduces the proportion of bulls upon the range, and this means a reduction in the calf drop, irom which the range men who have turned out the proper number sodium must sufifer in the same measure as the shirks. " The peroneal nerve is directed to the outer" Tlie third cord furnished by the brachial part lotion of the leg; it dips above the gastrocnemii plexus, supplies the place of the radial nerve, muscles, and runs through the same liga It detaches several filaments to the muscles on mentous pulley that transmits the tendon of the the inside and back of the scapula.

And - on section they present a reddish color interspersed with spots of yelloAvish- or reddish-broAvn, which sometimes are of a very dark hue.

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