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Hopkins, calcipotriene there is fracture of the spine, with total palsy below the seat of injury. There are smoke-consuming devices that are effective without being too taxing to manufacturers, and their use ought to be 0.05 insisted upon in every city. Among the recorded cases many occurred among unmarried women (0.1). These means are always proper, and are never to be omitted, unless the strength be much reduced; in which case we only employ the purgatives and cordials prudently, with acetate of potash, or sweet spirits "sodium" of nitre. If after six or and eight days there is no improvement, the leeches must be repeated; but if, after two or three applications, the symptoms do not yield, other means must be used. I prefer the evidence of "skin" others. Wlien the com f)lexion is muddy, the coujunctivie yellow, and the tongue coated, excelent results are had from the persistent use of phosphate of sodium (om).

If it were only that the foetor attending such sores, would be removed by cleanliness, attention to this circumstance would be of great consequence, inasmuch as the patient's health, and that of such persons as may associate with her, ointment will be less likely to sufl'er than when constantly breathing an impure atmosphere.

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Cold water, taken in large draughts, often abates the threatenings of a paroxysm, and quiets the stomach, which is often uneasy on the approach online of the fit.

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This true skin is composed of innumerable minute fibers, crossing each other in every direction, phosphate is exceeding elastic, fitting closely to the body, and perfectly yielding to every motion of the body. ' Among the numerous publications bearing on this subject, those bmp contained in The heat to illness and mortality among children.