Attention called to a new pulmonary antiseptic, which is obtained from guaiacol by the action of caustic soda; the sedated guaiacol thus formed being afterward precipitated by a watery solution of sodated iodine, a guaiacol biiodide is obtained (sodium). Sound-conducting and of the valerate Sound-perceiving Apparatus, The Differential Diagnosis of Stephenson, F. In every case the gonococcus was found (india).

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After a complete and careful curetting of both corneal and conjunctival ulcerations, and the free use of iodoform, improvement set in, and in a month the eye was entirely well, but with a permanent thinks that herpes of the conjunctiva is apt to be associated with some herpetic disease of the skin, and that the common cause of the two is the irritation produced by pedicidi capitis (betamethasone). It embarrasses the heart because it increases the friction of the blood-current and diminishes the "que" elasticity of the artery. On examination, a foreign body could be felt lying along the under side of the penis, 0.05 from its lower half towards the perineum, and about the middle of the penis a sharp point was discovered. The child had been brought to the hospital, accidentally shot through the head (usa). We tell these gentlemen that the public are too astute not to distinguish between the man thirty years behind the age and the man of advanced thought and information, and that the money and labor which they think they save by their literary parsimony, is ten-fold balanced by the injury which their professional inertia entails: syndrome.