The prognosis of pericarditis must have been much more unfavorable in early times, when they were only able to recognize the more severe cases, and especially those associated with affections of the heart itself, than now, when even the slightest cases come into the computation: no.

Epithelial cancer appears much more frequently precio in men than in women.


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Very rarely, indeed, are cases seen of myocarditis involving the septum buy and forming abscesses, which burst into the ventricle, and thus give rise to the rupture of a flap from its insertion. More recently, chiefly through the efforts of Benedict, the principles of indirect calorimetry by which the basal metabolism of the individual may be calculated have been put cost on a reasonably practical basis for clinical purnoses. Many cases are selflimited and may subside within where from ten days to six weeks. By - memoirc sur les causes des aftections le traiteniciit des keratites et des abcfes de la Mauchart (B. Code - these strictures, makes their approach a matter of danger and difficulty.

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