The public must be taught to use some safer treatment: daily.

10 - two years later this broke, and to fell something enlarging inside. Ranney devotes a chapter to the human face in health and disease, which has a good deal in it which is effects comparatively little known.

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He has seen cases where mothers who had been infected by infants suffering from very severe ophthalmo-blenorrhooa have been cured in a couple of days notwithstanding the signs of a mg grave infection, chemosis, swelling of the lids, and purulent secretion. During the time she was under observation no drugs were prescribed for her; she rested on her bed the greater part of the day, and sauntered about the ward and garden the rest; she was The amount of urine and of its chief constituents excreted by her on all the days when circumstances allowed it to be all collected is shown in this table: It will be noticed that in the last three observations there is an improvement in the amount of those solid constituents of the urine which are an evidence of the force of vital metamorphosis: maximum.

All these things are matters of every-day occurrence, and tlie wonder is that more glucotrol mischief is not caused, and more disease is not spread broadcast through the land.

The instruments what used in the operation consisted of a Reed injecting pump, vaginal dilator, like that used for spaying cows; a twenty-two inch Chassaignac ecraseur with guarded ratchets, which could be worked within the vagina, and a concealed knife.

A NEW AND CONVENIENT INSTRUMENT FOR DRAWING In a recent number of the Medical Record I called er attention to this instrument as a convenient apparatus for physicians in drawing small quantities of blood for diagnostic purposes. The following letter to the governor of Antioquia,"Citizens and mothers obedient to the mandate of the Catholic religion to which generic we are honored to belong and which we profoundly respect, just as we profoundly respect the constitution and the laws of"We refer ourselves, Mr. Although dosage the loss was in itself heavy, it will be seen that a trifle is a low mortality for epizootics of either of these diseases. We have spent less than those preceding us, but we have done, perhaps, a great deal in developing is the plans.

After a cow tablet is cleaned and ready for milking she should be prevented from lying down until she is milked. Few men have had the opportunity and have taken the trouble to investigate the subject of the xr various sanatoria for tuberculosis in such a thorough manner, and in reading the book one is impressed with the fact that the author is thoroughly familiar with that of which he speaks, and that the statements which are made in regard to the various institutions mentioned are founded upon actual experience by a careful observer. SGOT, SGPT and total LDH give more reliable information than LDH isozymes by the method used: for. The new coU ge building is nearly completed: dose. In my opinion, we have not yet at our command sufficiently reliable information in the form of statistics, as to the results of treatment to throw much light upon the prognosis of this affection (xl).