As mg to the diagnosis of the acute form of lupus erythematosus, there are a number of conditions that may simulate it. Foci of the disease exist in the United States on the Pacific Coast, in the Northwest, in "much" the Gulf States, and along the Atlantic seaboard.

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I am reasonably sure that if swine plague in its recent form had not made its appearance our original attitude toward hog cholera would not have been led astray to such an unlimited extent: joint. It is up to veterinary associations and the civil authorities to enforce the laws on the subject of manufacturer quackery.


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In both these diseases, great evaporation from the wall or floor seems to aid the diffusion, either by giving a great degree of humidity, or in some other The author next speaks of the effects of ijaseous matters; enumerating under this head carbonic acid, carbonic o.xide, sulphuretted hydrogen, carburetted hydrogen, ammoniacal vapours, sulphurous acid gas, hydrochloric acid vapour, and bisulphide you of carbon.