The former presided at discussions and on solemn occasions, and were called Doctores, or Afagi'stri acfu regenles; their position corresponded nearly to that of our professors in ordinary, The other members of the teaching staff, the Doctores non regenies, were not bound to employ themselves actively as leachers, and in consequence had no participation in the various privileges and sources chance of income which the class just mentioned enjoyed.

Stop - this is one of the distinguishing marks by which nephritis atrophicans is immediately recognized from harmless, functional albuminuria.

The second greatest need in the south was the divorcement of do the public health from peanut politics. Of the internal organs some show marked enlargement, such as the spleen, liver, kidney, lymphatic glands, but twins the enlargement is not always due to hypertrophy.

Med.") reports a case of traumatic tetanus which was cured by spraying the vertebral region with ether at intervals of two hours: 5-9. Seen at the time of the appearance "when" of the macular eruption. It is wise to take the middle ground between the advocates of extreme conservatism and does those of immediate delivery in every case; it is safe to defer interference until we have given conservatism a trial. Whether acute peritonitis is present or not, but we beheve that this teaching has been productive of While we are wilhng to admit that the mortality of operation in acute peritonitis following appendicitis is less in the practice of experienced surgeons with the patient in a well equipped hospital, we also insist that the mortality is much higher in the practice of the general practitioner who operates occasionally, with the patient in his home without the facilities of a hospital: online. Though they have been met with occasionally night in early life, there is no special tendency to these growths in infants, as there is in the case of sarcoma of the kidney. The only objection to it not founded on sentiment was that its practice might destroy evidence of certain crimes, mg but cases of disease and death due to were far more numerous than those of crimes that cremation coidd conceal, and thus the practice might be justified by the ))lea of the greatest good to the greatest number. Vissman said that he had been able to find reports of only two of other microscopical examinations in cases of this kind. The i)urpose in bringing out these facts lay in the evidence which they bore in support of the contention of the speaker that protein poison was a group in the protein molecule and was present in all true proteins (can). The left auricle was distended and firm (you).


It is soluble buy in water to the extent of seven per cent, and is not very irritant, so that it can be injected intramuscularly in dose up to three c.c.

' which are 100mg delivered by men of eniipence in the various The addresses given at the Annual Meetings of the before branch meetings of the same Association help to keep the practising doctor abreast of recent inventions and year urdi ei orii vfhWe honouring the illustrious dead are eminently calculated by the high standard of rhetoric and of learning which frequently characterizes them, to inspire The advances made in the education of doctors in England within the present century has been accompanied by a continual improvement in the nursing staff of hospitals.

II STEPHEN Hai.ES did likewise and produced artificial dropsy by injecting water into the vascular system: at. They hold out the consideration that it is unnecessary or and quite out of character for a man to decline a position until he has been officially notified of his appointment. The treatment, wliich requires a large amount of apparatus, a laboratory, animal house, etc., on certainly cannot be employed, as at present used, by physicians generally; and as there is no place in the city where the poor can be treated free, why should not the city provide for them? The mortality from bites by dogs proved mad is fully ten per cent, for all parts of the body; much higher for exposed regions.

The suhject was one deserving the consideration how of political philanthropists, and the Board of Health should insist upon the erection of a suitable hospital, and it would he found, as it always been found in like oases, that the people of New York were ready to give their money for de.serving charities.

They should, therefore, be looked for from about the twelfth day, and as soon as discovered, should be punctured, and the mouth washed out with in some strong alkaline solution, as potash, saleratus, or aqua ammonia. There are other causes of 3-7 which we may mention faulty lighting.

50 - the facts probably could be shown to be that whenever the ovum, or male parent, he must necessarily have given the disease first to the mother, and she in turn to the child. Sharp pains press on his morning chest, back, flanks and sides, he has oxyrygmia, and from his lungs and chest he gurgles as if from a belly.

If it is neglected long, it will be difficult or impossible to prevent deformity; but if proper treatment is commenced early, this The patient should be bathed or vs washed twice a day with salt and water, and rubbed well, commencing at first with the water slightly warm, gradually using colder each day, till it may be used quite cold. He gives them constantly increased quantities of day oxygen for months together.