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The dressing should not be disturbed before the third day, when the grafts will be found to have become adherent, not disappearing, as is often the case when smaller ones are used; the ulcer will be found to have taken on a new and more vigorous life; the edges will breast have begun to close in under the stimulus given by the grafts, making more growth in a single day than by the older methods in a week, while the occasional applications of some smart stimulant to the edges of the ulcer, as may be needed, and the application of adhesive strips and bandage to be changed every second day, constitute the after treatment. It has never been of the slightest service in several cases in of which I have tried it, and I may say the same thing of beUadonna. While this is an isolated instance, who knows that santonin may not become a standard remedy in the treatment of this intractable disorder, and thus find a much more extended field of usefulness in this In organotherapy the now well-known influence of the principle of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland counter in obstretrics was discovered accidentally by Dale, who was making some comparative studies of ergot and other uterine tonics in his laboratories.

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