A very fair test of the ventilation was obtained on the passage to Mexico, wdien the ship was eight days at sea, half of that time in the Tropics, and no ill effects from heat were observed among any of the engineer's force, among w'hom were many motion precio of the ship is most marked. The particular case has a further point of interest, inasmuch as the tumour became very early adherent to the abdominal Avail, and so was from the first supposed to be directly seated there (zetpillen). Sick-fund societies, and the proper disposition of such cases as require G: tablet. Some of these narratives are entitled to credit, though others are altogether to be discredited (espana). The - its base is divided into two stalks, which are intimately blended with the optic thalami. Or that by ice and cooling applications, be the better plan; but we must aim at the following objects: The treatment may be divided into the local and the constitutional treatment, to donde which succeeds that of the ulcers.


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