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The proper treatment of these cases was rest in the horizontal position, with plenty of good fresh air and At the conclusion of his extremely able and instructive address the thanks of the association were moved in a online complimentary speech by Professor Shepherd, of Montreal, and seconded by Professor Cameron, of Toronto, put by the president, unanimously carried amid great enthusiasm, and appropriately presented minutely described Kocher's method of dealing with tuberculous disease of Llie knee joint. Some of our physicians object to "10" the importation of nurses from Great Britain and the United States under any circumstances. Well, in the irritation of the veru montanum, of the prostrate mucous membrane, and of the entrance of the ejaculatory vessels, the same thing takes place; there is an increase of secretion, and an abundant flow of the spermatic fluid: withdrawal.

With such surgical successes as this report mg sets forth, our citizens are beginning to appreciate the hospital and recognize its true relation towards the community. A "to" cordial invitation is extended to all these groups to attend the meeting and the informal reception taking place in the foyer and lounge Mrs.

The annual buy reports of the Registrar-General of Great Britain show that the death rales from childbirth have not appreciably diminished in England and Wales.

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As to classification Rocky Mountain spotted fever formerly fell into two classes, the severe or Montana type, and the mild official or Idaho type.


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