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Much happiness and success to you buy on the road ahead. The disease is recognised in the early stages, before actual destruction of nervous tissue has been brought about, the prognosis is more hopefuL Cases in which the clinical phenomena are related to cerebral irritation, due to a gumma upon the convexity or to pressure upon the cranial nerves, are more favouraljle than monoplegias, hemiplegias, and paraplegias, which are generally due to arteritis, with vascular occlusion by thrombosis, and subsequent softening; for although it is reasonable to suppose that resorption of the new tissue in the intima may take place (which we know happens in a gumma) under treatment, yet we are sure that no amount of iodide and mercmy can lead to regeneration of nervous tissue in a necrosed area: celexa. The first we shall mention h, the does uniformity of the evidence of a diseased state of some portion of the spinal marrow.

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