American Physicians and Surgeons.- The Triennial Congress"Morphology as a Factor in the Study of Disease;""Sewer Gas;""Distribution and indux Control of Leprosy in the United States;""Nephritis in its Surgical Aspects;""The Influence of Animal Experimentation on Medical Science" (by Dr. Very properly and in accordance with almost all later clomid teaching, he advocates an early operation, and in those cases in which nutrition will be impaired by delay, the earliest practicable operation. The point of interest in this case appears to pregnancy be the causation of the rupture.

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Copper.) Old term for the clomifeno muriate of copper. The heart was uses greatly displaced, its apex-beat being about one inch to the right of the right nipple. In cases of rigidity of the cervix, and of delayed labour from that cause, I all but invariably found diseased conditions of the cervix, hypertrophy, induration, the evident origin of the cervical rigidity, generally accompanied by inllammator)' lesions, such as erosion or ulceration, evidently tablets of old origin, long antecedent to the labour. It is of slightly prominent, and presents a trifling depression near the centre, which is whiter than the rest of the surface, and is termed the physiological cup or pit. We are not forced to screw our eye out of shape, as is necessary when we view the fundus through a pin-hole pupil: tab. The elastic tissue of the ligamentum nuchse: price.


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