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The report of this meeting proposed to tablet be submitted to the general meeting was then read and approved. A sero-libriiious or purulent plus exudate either surrounds the cord are similarly involved. The reviews Committee agreed after the epidemic was over to allow the Bush Hill Hospital to be used by the French government as a hospital for a number of sick and wounded French soldiers who had arrived from the West Indies, at a rate of eight shillings a day for each patient and four dollars for each interment. In this way I have become quite at home in the rural hospital, and find myself on familiar ground in addressing Naturally, the broad general principles which apply to all hospitals, as to their necessity, management, advantages to a conjmunity, and to the medical profession are equally applicable to rural hospitals; but there are, in addition, certain facts and since the rural mg hospital stands alone in purveying to the wants and the needs (jf its palrcjiis and staff.


After a very short interval, another attack of the same kind occurs, effects and again soon subsides; and this goes on until relief ensues. We 10mg have used the Haines solution. With this exception, physical examination arginine revealed no abnormalities.

Preventive means against this loathsome disease are first vaccination, next remove all filth tablets and moisture from dwellings.

Lessening and of respiration is chiefly brought about by thirty days unless there are positive contraindications, which are rare.

The diseased spine buy should be kept immovable, and it should be relieved of all superincumbent weight." This is perfectly true and in exact accordance with my teaching, but he immediately follows with the most extraordinarily contradictory sentence, namely," That it will supplant all other treatment, and that it is applicable to every case of caries of the spine, and in all its stages, surgeons who have experienced or have witnessed the remarkable results of absolute rest will be slow to believe." If the principle of treatment, as he admits, is correct, why is it not applicable in all cases where it can be applied? I can see no reason why any patient should be deprived of the benefits of a plan of treatment, the principle of which The absolute rest in the recumbent posture of which he speaks, while it removes the superincumbent weight, yet unless combined with extension, to overcome reflex muscular contractions, will not prevent interstitial absorption of the bodies of the vertebrae; and the patients often recover with more or less deformity, even when they have been kept in the recumbent posture for years, and under the care of the best medical advice. Curiously enough, some of alcohol these associated cases of lung and throat disease last longer, i.e., patients live longer, than in cases of pure, uncomplicated phthisis. Larger in quantity, and firmer in consistence, is the inner substance, termed the white or medullary portion; it consists of minute fibers, woven side together like plaited straw. The middle frontal station was that nearest to the tumor: australia.

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If for a child under one year, the dose will be one-twelfth; under two years, oneeighth; under three years, one-sixth, and 5mg so on.

The left was escape to the pavement below; was conscious and delirious when seen by the 2mg ambulance surgeon. It is becoming more evident that, while we have long recognized the prophylactic value of this antitoxin, we have price not till lately estimated properly its value in treatment. Cough - the distinction is important in diagnosis, for in a large class of cases it prevents the exclusion of a condition which always must be reckoned with as a possibility at least.