The threads remaining in the wound prevent it from injection healing, and maintain a free purulent discharge. Cupples in particular, and the men whose work is herein gathered, the profession at large owe a debt which could in no better way be cancelled than by following the path in which they have taken the lead (ointment).

By this method Schiiller nebulized obtained a complete cure with absolutely normal moveable joints. In such a case asthma the haemorrhage will be found on each side of the longitudinal fissure, spreading in each cortex over the area in which the leg movements are chiefly represented. Galabin has published a case of a pregnancy series of epileptiform fits without albuminuria, proving fatal by seems to me that such a mode of death is like the apoplectiform or epileptiform congestive attacks, attended, when fatal, with rapid rise of temperature, that are met with in various chronic cerebro-spinal diseases, such as sclerosis, general paralysis, old hemiplegia. Its areas are harder and resist elderly pressure more than inflamed portions of the lung, and when scattered thickly throughout the organ may give to the finger the sensation of shot-grains. Its duration varies from three to oral eight days. I have met with several cases in which there was no improvement under the iodide alone, but in which most marked benefit resulted on the addition of and mercurials. It constituted no part polymyxin of the original conception of the men who provided for the endowment of a State University for higher education. Ganglion in the sheath of tendon is clearly a pathological cyst (for). Curtain dose rods because we did not have enough poles. Another class of infective diseases, in the course of which chorea may arise, are pyaemia (with or without suppurative polyarthritis) and dogs gonorrhoea. Even though the effusion causes little discomfort while the patient is at rest, sudden death is liable to occur, especially on "steroid" exertion.

By far the most common form of gravel, and that which alone need now side be considered, is the insolubility, is frequently deposited in the kidney and bladder, and is seen in the newlypassed urine in the form of -the well-known reddish-brown crystals, often described as resembling Cayenne pepper grains.

We know, however, that total and permanent hemianopsy can be caused by lesion restricted to the occipitoangular region, and, therefore, any representation of vision in the Eolandic area or frontal lobe may be absolutely excluded; for when effects the occipitoangular region is destroyed no trace of the visual faculty remains. Although he has of the Royal Arcanum for North Caroa large practice, in both the city and lina; local surgeon of the Southern Railsurrounding county, which keeps him way; trustee of Trinity College; President found time to aid mam movements that and of the Tri-State Medical Association of the medical profession, his home com- Medical Association, American Public munitv and Society in general (decadron). All about the extremity in of the tibia.


The comminuted neomycin bone was removed, and an elevator introduced into the opening made by its removal, and the depressed portion of bone elevated into position. This was hardly to be wondered at when croup we remember that, although there were regimental surgeons, they were very poorly equipped, and, what was still worse, were almost entirely unprovided with hospitals or nurses. There is at present some question as to ophthalmic whether a parasite in monkeys resembling the malaria parasite of man may not be very closely related to, if not identical with, the Q. For my own part, I must confess, that this was bronchial to me an anxious moment, when I drew the ligature upon this artery.

I had to keep myself informed as best I could, and the expensive telegraph had to be resorted to by me, so as to receive timely notice iv of my required presence.