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The urine passed is always turbid, and sometimes blood-stained, values but this staining rarely lasts longer than a week. The symptoms of tuberculosis comprar of the pharyngeal mucous membrane and of the tonsils differ in several respects; though many of the symptoms are common to all tuberculous processes. Bimanual examination of the uterus will often reveal that the organ has and a smooth contour, possibly that it is slightly enlarged.


In bilateral abductor paralysis both cords are defective in abduction on inspiration; and when the abductor paralysis is complete, the cords remain in or near the median position by name the gradual supervention of paralytic contracture of the adductors, a very small chink only being seen between them.

The musculo-serous layer is first brought together with catgut, or better still with silk, and the skin joined by means of deep and closely-placed stitches (donde).

The glands along the sterno-mastoid muscle, the submaxillary and the suboccipital glands may off be affected.

She told me the medicine had operated very much, and she feared she had taken forum cold.