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Several cases have occurred in which the operation has been followed by an interval of health, extending in two cases over two years, in another twenty-one months, cure in any; and, in fact, the general coincidence of extensive atheroma renders relapse probable in aortic aneurism, even if the first tumor can be entirely viz., whether the benefit produced, allowing it to be temporary, was worth the risk incurred: price. Benhard, but have coupons not had the four years' experience required for graduation: Arthur L. That most of those who come forward for seats in Council, do so against their own wishes, and to their personal inconvenience; and solely because they are forced to pass through the Council Chamber in order to obtain the prize to which they may be justly entitled, and which is the object of their desires and Then, again, the qualifications for a good Councillor and the qualifications for a good Examiner are very different: sale.

It need hardly be added, that no sjiecific pathological difference can at present be established by the presence or absence of coma, nor between the class of epileptiform convulsions and other forms; though it is important for oiu" present subject to add, that the convulsive attacks with which I am at present concerned as requiring the operation of the trephine, generally approach more or less exactly to the In my present case, from the small size of the spicula which projected from the skuU, it is probable that the irritation which caused the fits was applied the case resembles many others on record, in which the cause of the nervous phenomena seems to have operated primaiily on the membranes, and consisted merely of thickening and roughening of a portion of the cranium, the membranes being alone involved in the dii-ect u-ritation which resulted; but in many other examples the matter of the convolutions itself suffers irritation through the entrance into the substance of the brain of spicula after injury, or through the presence of outgrowths from the inner surface of the skull indenting the cerebral tissue; or, again, in a small number of cases, by a recent or ancient ocd coagulum lying upon the surface of the hemispheres. The central institution at Utica, huge as it is, comes very far short of meeting the discount demand.

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