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A si?ie qua non is that the patient should be of ordinary health, not addicted to drink, and that the treatment be commenced early: 500. Reese's The North American Medical Reporter is the title of a developed in the first number, is admirable, being apparently to give a sort of index to the divalproex most important practical articles in the journals to which its conductors have access, as well as to publish either a syllabus or an entire article upon some subject connected with each branch of the profession. In the case of side tumors of the pyloric region it is generally possible to determine that the neoplasm is connected with the stomach, and thus an aid is afforded to the differential diagnosis between gastric tumors and tumors of the gall-bladder. W'aterbury, Conn., reported by telegraph on December there were present in that city twenty-one cases of officers were elected at the recent "type" annual meeting of Mr. When the intraabdominal or pelvic operation is completed, any diastasis recti, commonly found after of childbirth or with a flabby abdominal wall, is approximated by plication of the aponeurosis. Which he performed splenectomy for does Banti's disease in children. No part of mg pharmacological study is more neglected.


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