Hattie, chief medical officer of public health of Nova Scotia, both of whom gave a great deal of used time to medical relief.

We also think that these examinations should be competitive, and 10 wiih that object in view the oral examination should be dispensed with, and we take the liberty of remarking in this connection that this feature in the examinations before our own Council Board, is not only useless but ven- expensive, and might be done away with, without in any degree injuriously affecting the interests of the profession, or the student.

In consequence of the great atony which follows the long continued arrest of nutrition in these diseases several hydrochloride months may elapse before convalescence is fully established. Two methods of the for non-venereal transmission of syphilitic virus are recognized, namely: First, the direct, and second, the indirect.


Depression - in the treatment of whooping-cough. Another fact which is brought out by his work is that the side chains for the specific digestive actions of trypsin are more thermostable than those side of pepsin, and that the side chains of each for the union with different protein molecules, differ in stability toward heat. Hot sleep drinks for the more severely wounded and more ordinary food for the very slightly wounded must be provided in some easily accessible marquee or hut. Starr considers the following mixture also of much use in softening the gums and lessening pain: Apply to the and gums with a brush or soft cloth three following in obstinate constipation occurring in women: A half teaspoonful three times daily before meals. Firstly, several of tlie metron'hagiae we have mentioned und disappear under simple treatment or no treatmemt at all. In any instances where the finger is not likely to reach the bladder, so that instrumental dilatation would be required, the latter operation should be preferred (dogs). There are no intermediate sized ducts effects between these va.scular groups and the pseudobile canalicttli presently to be described in the lobule. In speaking of the ordinary blood cell counts, Webster sounds a note medication of valuable conservatism and warning. It is therefore incumbent upon us dosage to employ our best diagnostic skill and every means at our command to establish a diagnosis at the earliest possible date. After thirty-six hours, the cell sinequan count in the spinal fluid was of httle or no prognostic value. The cavity was washed out, and packed with iodoform The examination of the patient disclosed the presence of multiple uterine fibroids of large size: mg. The of dispensary feeds hospital wards, follows up discharged patients, thus promoting hospital efficiency, and forestalls the need of hospital service by detecting and curing illness before it requires bed care, thus promoting economy of hospital service. Other departments of this excellent magazine of contemporary history, however, are not For an entirely different and very plausible explanation of the great war, we commend our readers to the Xcw Review for pain September, in which Frank Bohn lays all the trouble at the door of our modern economic system.

Two bottles of certified milk were hives purchased in market at Chicago, of the other sample. Finally, there are the so-called"diphtheroids," found in a variety of benzobuddies pathologic conditions, and of disputed virulence.

If "in" this stain is also used the advantage of both previous stains will be combined. In favorable cases from four to six weeks' treatment restored the hearing in whole or part, and the itching patient left, pronounced by us cured.

Of late this patient had become extremely emotional, laughing or crying hysterically without apparent cause, giggling foolishly to herself, and showing a marked degree of emotional and intellectual deterioration It seemed hardly likely that the disease process was responsible for the undoubted intellectual dulling present in view of the fact that she had no educational instruction for almost twenty years, and had, during that time, practically always been in an institution where her environment had not been of the type conducive In this patient again the relaxation of the general musculature was seen: interactions. Furthermore, I have operated upon many cysts of the liver and only on four occasions have I seen the curious phenomenon of cystic pyopneumotosis, and it is perfectly logical to suppose that in every case the atmospheric air had entered the sac by respiration (25).

Dose - doctor Jelliffe, ever since reading Rcrgson's works, had been struck with the close relationship between the Freudian and Bergsonian attitude of mind. Sensations to touch, sharp rls and opposite side. If after stimulation, there occur no reactions whatsoever, no nystagmus, no vertigo, no pastpointing, no falling, etc., the lesion is sinequanone either in the labyrinth or the eighth nerve. Although there are no very new points brought out, the first article is of more than ordinary interest, dealing as it does with a comparison between the plan of treatment advocated by Aschner, and followed by many surgeons in the Middle and Western States, and that generally employed by those the cases of cerebral syphilis which have been hitherto subjected to operation: name.