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It is true I am a doctor in the civil sense, and glory in the fact, to but I am a soldier of England, too, and for her and her people I have given all the devotion and all the self-sacrifice she demands of her soldier-sons, and although every man in the army denied me the title of soldier, from the chief at the head to the last recruit that joined yesterday, I reply you are wrong, and you are wrong because you do not know and you will not understand, and I appeal from the army in its prejudice, to England and her people to do justice between us, and to say if she denies me the title I have so justly and, I hope, so devotedly earned in her cause; for the army does not belong to the army, but to the nation that lies behind it." The enlisted personnel of the sanitary service, noncommissioned officers and men, should be of higher intelligence than that of other branches of the army; their remuneration is more liberal, and their training covers a wide field, embracing more or less intimate knowledge of most of the general requirements of the medical department.

100 - it is an accepted postulate by specialists who have examined the question that every recovery from mental disease, no matter what the cost of obtaining it, is a saving to the State.

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