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Proscar - the lochia is not always affected at remain the discharges become changed in character, and more or less foetid. I was disagreeably reminded recently of the difticulties one may encounter in dealing online with such delicate matters. In this particular instance the patient 1mg was at about the end of the third week of the disease, which was of that type characterized by a severe toxemia. If such conditions be attributed by the claimant to fright or shock at time of injury, then we should consider the decisions of the courts bearing thereupon which I have quoted; and for the simple reason that but very few coincide in their views with these decisions, I will encroach upon your time by quoting a recent decision from held that,"when a passenger on a railway train receives no bodily injury in an accident, caused by the excitement, hardships, and suffering resulting therefrom, the company is not liable in damages therefor, since insanity is not a probable or ordinary result of exposure to a railway accident." In the light of this and former decisions quoted, we must not effects consider fright or psychic shock.

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