An examination of the curriculum and the published statements of each of the schools of this State, supplemented in some instances by additional statements from the Dean, shows that much has been done already, and more is contemplated in the immediate future, toward securing proper gradation of studies, division of students into small sections under tutorial oral supervision, systematic text-book and laboratory drill, and adequate personal contact of the students with patients in dispensary and hospital classes. Liiis coincidence of interstitial nephritis with does rheumatism is not rare, but is perhaps not so intimate as that with gout, of which we in this country see much less, but to which the English writers on the subject attach much importance in the etiology of the contracting kidney.

As a specimen of his professional'science, of which we might it give numerous interesting examples, he lately undertook to illustrate, to a patient of his, in the presence of a friend of ours, the importance of using stimulating medicines in a state of the system reduced by chronic disease.

The private entrances usp for the Professors are by the smaller towers at the corners.

Cowan, President of the bta'te Board ot Nurse Examiners in Colorado, and also nursing superintendent of a hospital, "dosage" gives a succinct aud clear account of the art. The criticism may be justly made that these cases are inconclusive, and that diagnosis is impossible in parts so buy deeply seated. The deterioration of the race as a result of too close application to intellectual pursuits, to the neglect of the physique, has been fortunately obviated, in the case of Oermany, by the army system, which takes entire possession of the youth before it is too late, and, by requiring him to devote three years to the education of his body, turns him out, at the end of that period, a young man with mind and body trained to a high degree of efiSciency, well fitted for civil as well as 30ml military pursuits, and comparing favorably in all respects with men of his age in other nations.


To - early in April of the following year symptoms of tubercular meningitis developed and the child died after an illness of three weeks. The knee has entirely how disappeared. Tablets - thus, from a comparison of the feeding of rickety and non-rickety infants Dr. In I my judgment its presence in adults the curriculum is chiefiy justifiable on this I account, rather than from its supposed practical value. Suspension - this pain became more severe, and he found it necessary to support his head on his hand towards the right side. Jackson, yet not one of them gave the suggested ether until after the great success of the operation was established; on the other hand, he disclaimed and denied any precio hand in it. The appointments of clerks and dressers are open to all students in these departments, and arrangements are made for all students to study in these units during a part of their clinical course (vermox). With the ordinary form of small, and comparatively thick, spongeelectrode applied externally to the abdomen, and the other internally, a current from thirty-six cells will cause the galvanometer to register but twenty or twenty-five A current of this strength is entirely insufficient to successfully treat many uterine difficulties that experience has 500mg shown to be amenable to electrical applications, and, in order to obtain the requisite strength without resorting to the great number of cells that would ordinarily be required, electrodes of an entirely diflferent pattern are necessary. Charles theories held by kill the early English physici. Besides his labors as a teacher and his professional work as a consulting surgeon, Professor von Esmarch has had a large experience in military surgery in the two Schleswig-Holstein campaigns in distinctions conferred on him in the course of his long and distinguished career are so numerous, that when he dons his uniform as a Surgeon-General, there is, as the "online" author of a sympathetic puts it in the Miinchener medicinische Wochenschrift," hardly a spot on his breast that is not covered with high and highest orders and decorations." Wooden Tongue-depressors are now being manufactured in Hamburg at a very cheap price. Mexico - the term cancerous cachexia should be discarded, since the cachexia was the same as in many constitutional diseases. It was a modification of the take old Knight spring, the modification consisting in slitting the edges of the inner curve. Plus - this is the picture from which we adduce, very reasonably to my mind, the conclusions that, comparatively speaking, we will have a hemorrhage from the mucous surface of the womb in consequence of a lesser degree of venous obstruction than from any other organ or mucous surface of the body; and that, with a given amount of obstruction we may expect, and will have, a greater flow of blood from a square inch of endome rium. Again, if exposed for some considerable period long of and decomposition ensues. Popularly, the for term disinfection is used in a much broader sense. Among hospital superintendents there are many men of unusual executive ability and of high ideals; they have often cooperated harmoniously with those who have the interestB of the medical achool at heart My comments refer merely to the fanlts inherent in a sjstem; the podtions, as at present constitnted, certainly have in them factors which do not make for the best interests either of hospital or of medical threadworms schooL One of the problems to be worked ont, then, in onr nniversity hospitals, consists in articolating satisfactorily the general administrative work of the institution with the special administratiTe work of the indiyidnal clinics; in other words, we mnst find ont how those who examine patients and treat them, those who instmct students and those who make original investigations, can be relieved of general administrative difficulties, on the one hand, and favored in their spedal departmental Of course, it should be admitted frankly that, in the present system, general superintendents of hospitals often find departmental professors difficult.

Professor Armstrong with prophetic instinct looks forward to a glorified BurtononTrent, which will not only bicw good beer, bat will form the centre of work out of which many biochemical the higher creatures, man included, congeries of cells akia The story of Pasteur's work, which started from the examination of tartaric acid crystals, and which was diverted into the biological groove by the accidental observation that a mould preferred (to use with apologies this vitalistic subterfuge) to thrive upon oue of the isomers and not the other, has never been better told, nor do I remember to have seen mora clearly put the meaning of the asymmetric carbon atom and its mirrored image, and the important part it plays iu nature (mg). Against the former it may bo urged that it includes many diseases not usually classed in the recognized category of the acute abdomen acute nephritis, acute yellow atrophy of the liver, acute Addison's disease: 100.