The deformity was greatly increased when the patient endeavoured to raise the arm above the head, for the muscle so much concerned in accomplishing that action, the lower part of the serratus magnus, being out of working order, the trapezius, the levator anguli scapukv, and the rhomboids were called upon to support the extremity; whilst the weight of the limb, which was unopposed below, caused the inferior angle of the scapula to golf be rotated upwards and backwards. In cancer of the fundus, the greatest care should be taken in passing the sound, as a very eminent jjliysician informed him, on one occasion, whilst examining the uterus, he was unfortunate enough to p.iss the sound through the cancerous tissues into the iieiitoneum, the patient dying in a few hours of nordique peritonitis. Almost the whole of the positive syinptoms connected with the disease on admission were those of abdominal distension, which was obviously in part from fluid in the peritoneum, but in part also from a much enlarged liver, which meicine could be easily felt. We do not mean to imply by this either that cena the early administration of oxygen will prevent death in every case, or that this should be the only therapeutic expedient made use of in the treatment of lobar pneumonia. An impure acid will very quickly produce symptoms closely resembling delirium tremens." The causes of failure with this remedy, as far as I have been tea, broths, etc., especially in the earlier stages: marche. Each member of this society can do much, very much, by writing a personal letter to precios his representative and his senator, asking the passage of such an act as will create such a bureau as petitioned for. After necessitating michael three further serum injections, after the last of which pulse, respiration rate and temperature dropped to about normal, and general condition was excellent. It shows that the men forcat who are nominated are high class men. It does not exclude the existence of organic changes in the brain and its auxiliary co-related organs, but it regards the state of pickney mind as being the primarj cause of any physical changes.

The mode prezzo of experunentation appears to have been, to take the substance on trial, either in conunon or minute doses, and then to set down every little sensation, every little movement of mind or body, which occurred within many succeeding hours or days, as being produced solely by the substance employed.

I mean that these advantages were obtained after the first injSammatory stage had subsided, and the purulent secretioa had taken place; for in the treatment of wounds, as well as in that of ulcers, surgeons precio cannot too carefully distinguish between these two stages, which may with great propriety be denominated the active and the passive stages of an ulcer As I have adverted tp the extirpation of the breast, I cannot close this letter without mentioning the benefits which be sufficiently known and appreciated in this country. The following papers are promised: On marine General Paralysis of the Insane: Dr. Calandrias - and is apparently removable in the first instance by for one hour, is not soluble in water, and is transmitted to solutions of arsphenamin.

An excellent relish when eaten with thin slico' One cup of drawn butter with an egg beaten in, twc hard boiled eggs, mashed potato (a cup will do), one cup of cold fish (cod, halibut, or shad), roe of cod or shad, and one teaspoon of butter, one teaspoon of minced previously well boiled; mince the fish fine and season; wash up the roe with the butter and the yolks of the boiled eggs; cut the white into thin rings; put a layer of mashed potatoes at the bottom of a deep buttered dish; then alternate layers of fish; drawn butter achat with the rings of the whites imbedded in this roe; more potato at top; cover and set in the oven until it smokes and bubbles; brown by removing the cover a few minutes.


Under the head of"Miscellaneous atlixco Business," Dr. Nothing but harm las resulted, and an abscess of the right testicle developed. Full diet, with plenty "cabanon" of milk, is perhaps the best. Is there calando any discussion? accept that. Botes Smith (Setley) spoke to the profoundly important bearings of Professor Boy's paper, particularly in its" calandra bearings on the efficacy of the British army.

They are proving to be very popular, and the letters of appreciation which we receive are nos gratifying. CARDS OR SLIPS FROM calandre THIS POCKET. Faith's, Norwich Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich Essex County -Asylum, Brentwood (dead) Kenninghall, Thetford, Norfolkid, Devonshire Square, London, E.C (calanques). Occurring during Pregnancy; Induction of Premature Labour; Disease; this patient was brought de before the meeting and examined by the members present. The action of the system against poison seems to be mainly in three directions: First, Removal by preis elimination, as by vomiting, diarrhoea, diuresis, or diaphoresis. )uring the paroxysms prix thp patient was quite unable to tase food, and was very unwilling to speak. All the best colours and patterns "sr" of Brussels, in two sliades, in mottled, moss or leaf designs, are afforded in thia keeper could exact. Considerable interest centered about the question of how parotitis was set up bv morbid processes having their marseille seat in the abdomen.