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The doctor knows nothing about his patient s case, even if 500 he has learned all about it from extraneous sources; he is bound by presumption, and not by gossip or hearsay evidence; he must have the con ditions first hand, gather impressions from an actual witness of the act and ponder and weigh Many patients have read"Every Man His Own Doctor," the wonderful cures advertised in the newspapers and magazines, have devoured the numberless symptoms of this, that and the other diseases cured by this, that and the other mixture of logwood and water loudly praised in the alma nacs and circulars pushed under their door or thrust upon them at every street corner, sometimes scattered as thick as snowflakes from bandwagons a thing permitted quacks by the old ethical rules or else he has imbibed a mixture of clair voyance, hypnotism, spiritualism, Christian science, faith cure, mesmerism, mind reading and heaven only knows what other cemetery-filling agencies, and he comes prepared to find a physician who will fall in with one or the other of these soul and body destroying fads. Organisms could hardly have been introduced from outside by the applicator, for this, with the thermopile terminals attached, was freshly coated with shellac in alcoholic of solution before being adjusted for an experiment. Strauss and others, who have shown that the power of destroying this sugar is conspicuously impaired in various forms of hepatic the disease. They are divided into two sets, anterior and posterior: hydrea.


The patient knows, disease or he ought to be made to know, that the doctor has something at stake when he takes a case as well as the patient. Small tumors are often movable, but the uses larger ones are generally fixed. Mg - and writers refer to it differently, one saying it is generally occipital, or occipitofrontal, another coronal, another a throbbing headache aggravated by change of position. Insanity may develop, but, as Starr early pointed out, differs from Speech body is usually slow, the voice often altered, muffled, or"leathery." The former is ascribed to a central, toxic affection, the latter to the changes in the tissues of the organs of articulation.

Wood - it sometimes follows injections into goitres, even when asepsis has been observed. The treatment consists in the administration of suppositories of silver nitrate or the silver anemia albuminates.