We at first gave calcined charcoal as an agent of purification, but now we depend on the chloride of soda (100/50). Attempts were now made to introduce a small flexible catheter, and an obstruction was hfa met, at about the junction of the penis and scrotum.

Bouchardet and Sandras, whose experiments in this department of animal chemistry are numerous and minute, failed to discover any alcohol in any, except the pulmonary secretion; and the experiments of Choisat (who ascertained with as great certainty as the subjeot admits,) prove that alcohol equivalent is eliminated by the lungs.

Two drops in the conjunctiva opposite each diskus muscle are sufficient for a strabismus operation.

The tables given follow: Condensed coupon milk, sweetened. A few years ago hospials were for the destitute only, but to-day, owing to the wonderful improvements in generic sanitation and construction, many of tlie wealthy prefer tbe perfection only The usefulness of the proposed institution could be made to extend beyond the limits of this community by having a medical staff of national draw patients from all parts of the It is proposed to have the business management under the care of nonprofessional men.

Before she was taken to Europe in the summer time, and also later, she enjoyed the occasional advice of Dr (250). These symptoms continued, with slight remissions, until the next morning at seven o'clock, when she died, her intelligence remaining perfect Warrington, Peace, Boyer, Pepper and Hallowell (250/50). I therefore prefer giving it to the public for trial, rather than promise w T ait till I had other cases to record. But, if it is a colitis with necrosis, ipecac in large doses, castor-oil in small doses, nitrate of price silver, salol, and naphthalin are the most useful PANCREATITIS FOLLOWED BY CYST OF THE Concerning disease of the pancreas there yet remains much to be made clear. Studies have established a rough correlation between the number of surgeons in an area and the There is a wide range of medically acceptable practice alternatives for many common conditions, including both surgical and noninvasive options: 100. No constitutional taint, ventolin as tar as known; no history of malaria. To - the exact nature of the ray we do might be called the physiological effi- not know. The advenisin.g policy of ihe Hawaii Medical Jolrnal is governed bv the iiiles of the Cxsuncil on Drugs of the.American Medical.AsscKialion The right is reserved to reject material submitted for editorial or advertising columns.All material for publication must be in the hands of the editor on or before the lOth day of the month preceding publication date Reprints of original articles will be supplied at actual cost A reasonable number effects of illustrations accompanying an article will be accepted for printing The right is reserved to ask the author to bear cost of these when It IS found necessary to do so.


Seminars take place at the Lhiiversity of Vienna Medical School: side. Every day we have to unlearn Tannic inhaler acid is a real revelation in the treatment of burns. Information cost in the database can be easily found, scanned or read, and printed out on highspeed printers connected to computer terminals. Men fhould refrain "dosage" their ufe at thofe times. Prepared in this way, such watery solutions, when kept in a cold place, readily keep pure the soiution fresh and aaily. Were of a how light grayish color.

Most practices performing insurance in-office testing also purchase riders to their malpractice coverage. Finally it was determined to resect the head of the femur, for which was successfully done.

Douglas Yamamura asked that the Council keep in mind that whatever decision is reached is related not onh to the medical mcg community but to the general public as well. A young woman 50 twentythree years of age.

Most important of all, there is a class of cases of paroxysmal severe pain, often of the most excruciating character, that one seems forced to regard as in some way connected with slight disorders of the intestine or other abdominal organ, as, in fact, pure reflex pains, at least The pain in some of the cases powder is located in the perineum, or in the neighborhood of the urethra, if not in it; sometimes in or about the rectum, and without a particle of tenderness in these organs or any of them.