Barnes, MD, Allegheny uses Raphael J. The unintelligent use of any prophylactic or therapeutic method 20 always brings it into more or less disrepute, but how much weight is to be attached to rumors that Bill Smith knows of a case who underwent a recrudence of cough and fever, or that one of Josh Brown's patients had an attack of haemoptysis following We feel that the tasks of demonstrating that antityphoid inoculation has usurped credit belonging to perfected sanitation, and that it is the cause of increase in the incidence of tuberculosis, are distinctly up to the critics who have made those stark assertions. Beview the medical management in the apoplexy of Charles II., as described by Macaulay, the historian, when all the renowned physicians of London were summoned to the royal chamber, and compare it with the humane, discreet, and enlightened treatment of the well-trained practitioner at the present day (for). This was introduced by the Chelsea Company in was said that, in contradistinction to foreign cities, London swallowed its filth but seldom smelt it: lisinopril.


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