Pyelitis, cystitis, and bedsores were the usual 50 complications. He got himself appointed grand vizier, but was shortly deposed, imprisoned, then reinstated, and finally deposed again and banished the country (succinate).

Gov't Chemist, made an analysis of over one hundred specimens of baking powders bought in open market, and it is asserted that every one that was examined, with one notable exception, the Royal Baking Powder, contained either alum or lime, or both; and a conspicuous exception is found, amidst so much fraud, the public and the medical profession should show their appreciation of it; should regard it as a benefaction; and a part of the care exercised by the family physician on "para" behalf of the health of his constituency, if directed to caution against such insidious adulterations, would, doubtless, prove a protective measure against future ailments, and save much subsequent trouble. 'l"'ie vomiting ceased after the first injection, the threatening symptoms subsided, and the patient recovered: effects. All but a cause negligible fraction of these absences were caused by sickness.

When I sasv him, he had been taking copaiba for some 25 time, and his stomach had become weak and inefficient. He stated that many side serous effusions are secondary. The early recognition of perforation is extremely and important, as operation affords the only chance of recovery. He was intubed four times, had bronchopneumonia, was in the hospital twelve weeks, but made a perfect recovery from the diphtheria, and the heart was left apparently in the same condition can as at entrance. All of the educational mg work of the health department is directed toward persuading the patient to obtain this proteciion from the usual medical attendant. If the profession had waited for an accumulation of this kind, however, before employing new drugs, the properties of rhubarb, cinchona and precio opium would never have been known. It is for this class of property holders legislation 100 is needed. Deep in infected bones, anxiety osteo-myelitis springs up.

The various points may be designated dosage by small printed slips or by figures and. When dextrose is supplied by a carbohydrate meal the liver normally decreases its output of sugar to prevent a hyperglycemia, but in the diabetic it fails to "toprol" do so. Observers whose names carry weight xl in the laryngological world make no such claims.

Sirve - it is true that we have believed that it was a fatal mistake ever to have separated the departments of the University, so that the prestige of the institution as a unit has been weakened and the antagonistic claims DANIEL'S TEXAS MEDICAL JOURNAL. With Volkmann's "25mg" spoon the granulation tissue was first scraped from the The integument about the femoral canal was washed thoroughly with soap and warm water, cleanly shaved, washed with ether, and the body near the groin, leaving only a spot exposed measuring six An incision four inches in length was made parallel with the outer border of the rectus muscle, the lower end being over the Jemoral ring. Hornus "adverse" and Perrin in one of the field hospitals under the sutured at the moment of M. Hypertrophy of the nasal mucous membrane often coexisted with gastric catarrh of the chronic type, which latter must be relieved before the tonsillar troubles will disappear, in many instances: tartrate.

Emory er Hill, Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology after a period of ill health.


Provision must be made in the universities which will enable men in the que clinical departments to devote themselves to research teaching, and laboratories must be provided for such research. The whole community would be aroused, and nothing else would be done until the epidemic had been checked: take.