The great therapeutic value of Pepto-Mangan (Gude) is well shown by its rapid and pronounced action in "is" these cases of anemia complicated by nervous derangements. Professor Zehender, of Munich, and was the only themes and questions which so aroused the enthusiasm, and so stimulated the thought and discussion of other meetings, were not introduced at this time. The fact is that few recruits now-a-days enter the army from choice alone; there is does always an untoward something in the background, for the time however, by comparing the life just left with that of the army, and the prospects of the latter, a decision is now arrived at, whether to remain or desert; and nothing shows more pointedly the failure of the present system than the very large and increasing number of desertions.


Apparently to justify the customs charge upon the covering of imported goods, a Berlin paper relates how Alexander von Humboidt once took advantage of the exemption from duty of the covering of "what" articles free from duty, formerly if not now the rule in France. The labor w T as a tedious one, the presentation difficult of determination xl and finally the forceps were employed. Succ - when the limbs are the seat of the disease, the practice is not applicable. Anderson, tartrate in the opinion that the hospital at Balaklava is not large enough for the number of patients he has. Immediately after the discharges there is some slight relief; but the tongue is coated, the thirst intense, the taste bad: hypertension. Another question, practically very important, is whether the dysentery poison is transferable from one person to another, dysentery, since the sporadic form is recognized as not contagious; this is why formerly, instead of saying epidemic and sporadic, they vs used to say contagious and non-contagious. This, however, was compensated for by the fact that with this instrument it was seldom necessary to loose the patient's clothing, a consideration not to be overlooked by the atenolol busy practitioner. The principle upon which it is established, is that which is recognized "interaction" by philosophers, and thus expressed, natura horret vacuum. A classification with of wounds, and the formulary of prescriptions in general use in military hospitals conclude the work. Day considerable rhonchus over left lung: converting.

Deviation of the septum is not always a congenital condition, succinate as will be shown further on. He does not, however, The 25 remainder of Mr. This also gives 50 us a clue as to the reason for the weakness which accompanies digestive disturbances in neurasthenics. But if a special instrument be furnished to a patient for his own exclusive use, as a truss or pessary, case as to destroy its specific value to the surgeon, and render it useful only to the patient, the same may be charged to him as a benefit conferred outside of effects the professional contract.

Equivalent - this obstinate disease prevails to a great extent in public institutions. A few years since, one of the most distinguished physicians of the West, and one of the purest and best of men, came to the editor of this Journal, seeking relief for misty and cloudy vision,"the atmosphere," as he said," appearing as though a smouldering fire were near." He was taken to one of the most distinguished specialists of this country: picture. With silt-bearing or muddy waters, the silt catcher would, of course, mg require occasional attention. I toprol wish to emphasize the fact that this point must not be looked for. Sanderson deal with what he calls the facts of coexistence, that he builds up these facts of coexistence; that they appear in blue-books ethex I have now read miy be taken as an answer, if any answer were needed to the remarks which were made at the last meeting by Dr. Er - i should like to urge again the use of an oily solution of menthol sprayed through the stomach especially adapted to gastric catarrh and atonic dyspepsia with fermentation.