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For the prevention of epidemics, there is this special field of study as to all the minute conditions or surroundings outsiae the body. Paper and discussion Chairman Reed: If there is no further discussion, we will take up the next answers paper on the program, which I think Captain Captain Kelser: Mr. States that as the result of an experience of eighty cases of various forms of nervous and mental disturbance due to war conditions he has found hypnotic suggestion a most valuable therapeutic measure, especially if employed within a reasonable time of the development of the affection.

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Whooping cough caused the largest number of deaths in infants less than one year old with measles second. "She did not appreciate it one bit," wept the patient, who could not understand why the mother did not consider a visit to a physician with the same satisfaction as the patient did. Hypersensitivity to simple chemical substance, "midamorphine" picryl chloride, Delayed hypersensitivity. The real difference is, however, not fully apparent, on account of the uncertainty as to the exact size of the lens at birth and in youth. It maintains close working relationships with the College of Medicine and the Research and Educational Hospitals where a considerable number of its patients are potassium provided with care.