The swamps and lagoons were still there, and the unhealthy city of Brownsville, in which impure water was still used, remained on their borders, and the few cases of malaria that still entered the hospital may have been caused by soldiers drinking water when away from the post: for.

What - to them he is indebted for some advantage oVer his master, in physiology and pathology. Huxley, clinic in his latest" Lay Sermon," gives us as the last word of evolution in regard to ethics, tliat work for the work's sake is at once the object and the reward of a virtuous life. Altogether the vitamin work is one reflecting the highest credit on the enterprising publishers and the able staff' of editors by whom the work is by the President and Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of"JJOnthe Honourable the Commons of the United KinRdom of Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament assembled. The patient died after the appearance of obscure symptoms (on). Another method of relieving the headache and pains about the body is to give phenacetin and warfarin caffein. On dissection, we found the prostate gland you almost entirely destroyed; it did not possess its granular appearance, but was converted into a sac filled with pus and urine. They were under the peritoneum and upon the body of the uterus, from which they were easily separated, as they only adhered taking by cellular tissue and a few vessels. In some grave cases the sputum is watery and dark purple in color, resembling prune juice, and known as"prune juice expectoration." The rusty sputum generally appears in from one to three days after the attack, but may not come until the tenth day, or even later, and then be only small in amount: while. Flavor to the taste, egg with granulated sugar in a tumbler; and having beaten it to a froth, add a dessertspoonful of brandy, and fill up with milk." teaspoonful of sugar and about a third of a glass of milk or cream; the latter is better because more digestible; then beat in from a teaspoonful to two ounces of whisky, or with leave out the whisky and flavor with lemon or vanilla if preferred; whip the white separately and place it on the other, grate a little nutmeg on top and serve immediately. To - i am firmly convinced that the difference in the effects on the human organism to be obtained through muscular work from the different systems of gymnastics is, at least as much due to the personal influence of the individual instructor over the minds of his men, as it is due to the special inherent virtues of the particular svstem employed and, as compared with another. Sabouraudi, from which it differs only by the and cultures being covered, when old, by a dense, short, white duvet. Instruct the attendant that the patient must be helped, and not allowed to use his own strength; his muscular force inr must be saved. In large doses it acts as an energetic It has been used as an internal remedy in inveterate cutataneous diseases, as lepra, psoriasis, etc., after they have resisted drug all the other means of treatment. There was an official delegation of sixty at the last meeting in Philadelphia, and can at the previous meeting in Buffalo twenty-eight delegates were reported, the entire list not being included. If peppermint or catnip can be obtained, it the should be tried first.


The tense or rigid state of the muscular fiber, softening in and relaxing the parts, and subduing inflammation, promoting suppuration, etc., they contribute much to the relief of painful local affections. Many think it fully equal to the imported columbo, as a tonic, and it is extensively interaction used in the Western States as a substitute for that article; while others regard it as far inferior to it as a remedial agent in the various cases in which that is employed.

Upper Class We note in the foregoing list, the obvious superiority of the Celts among "symptoms" northern Europeans; the Scotch overtop all the whites and are closely followed by the American Indians.