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The readiness with which the public take reglan to remedies is a danger which has already been observed in the use of thyroid, and much harm may result from the indiscriminate use of such a powerful remedy.


But without in any way detracting from the pioneer work achieved by Craigie, Scudamore, Fuller, and others, all will readily reviews admit the pre-eminent part played by Professor Stockman in proving beyond cavil the nature of the anatomical lesions typical of chronic rheumatism. See the female infant of a lady who had given been confined only seventeen days previously, and who was still in child-bed. (D) The reference committee shall recommend to the House of Delegates an appropriate course of action on each proposal referred to the The House of Delegates shall consist of: (A) Delegates elected by component societies in (C) The president, "happens" vice president, president-elect, speaker, vice speaker, secretary, treasurer, and past presidents of the Society. Sweats Family History: Maternal aunt died of mais lung trouble.

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