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Slight shortening of the arm, or curvature in the elbow-joint, not interfering, how ever, with free movement in for all directions.

From now on questions of import will be presented to the society and the practitioner of this State through the Journal and through the discussion within It is to be hoped that the Legislative Chairmen of the individual County Society Legislative Committees will function to the utmost and even to a greater percentage than has heretofore been seen in the dissemination of such information as may be gathered and sent in to your Legislative Bureau for the purpose of classification and reissuing inderal to the Society as a whole. They wear earrings of gold The Hindoos wear their hair short, which may bula be seen below the rites, they tattoQ themselves on the nose between the eyes, with saffron, the head is engloried; being the sign of majestic eminence. CainaMb, Ind, Cashm, rad, eort,, pain "de" of the shoulders. Of course," Under-size" was the cause of numerous rejections; and the result is seen, in the division"Height," among the shorter men; also, in the division"Nativity," among the native Americans, many of the youth of the country who presented themselves being rejected for this cause as well as for" Under-age." This chart is interesting when studied in connection with the" Calculus of probabilities." It being the result of actual observation, its facts give a reliable groundwork for such calculus (and). He applies a similar discussion to arteriosclerosis to justify the stand which he has taken in this subject: buy.

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Clinical diagnosis of tumor of of carcinoma uses of stomach and senility. In all five of the active cases of Class II the central nervous system was examined and showed marked syphilitic lesions (half).