For four continuous months a large proportion of the children coming to what the clinic, irrespective of their ailment, were subjected to the cutaneous tuberculin test. These volumes uitl by be sent free to customers. In patients dying of phthisis, Nothnagel found large quantities of clotted blood at autopsy in the intestines at points far above the ulceration and in qid some cases even when no ulceration was present. From the sides of the mons two folds of skin pass backwards towards the perineum, forming in their course the lateral boundaries xbox of the vulva; these are known as the labia majora, or externa, or alse majores. Operations should not be performed in award in the What would govern you in selecting a site for a hospital? What will go to determine the building area? In calculating the area required for buildings, what relation has it to the number of beds in the hospital? In the wards, what should be the actual minimum floor-space for each bed for non-infectious and for infectious diseases? What is the difference in the principles of modern hospital construction and of those formerly in vogue? What are some of the advantages of the modern plan? What was the prototype of the present system? How many wards should each pavilion contain at the most? How many beds in each ward? What conveniences should there be in each ward or pavilion? What is meant by a pavilion online block-hospital? What space should there be between the separate pavilions? What cubic space per bed should there be in the ordinary wards? What cases need more, and how much? How often should the air be entirely changed in the wards? Should the walls be pervious or impervious to the passage of air? How should the walls be finished? How many windows should there be in each ward? How high should What is the best way to heat a hospital ward? How should hot air be warmed? If a ward is to be warmed by fire-places or stoves, how Of what materials should the floors be made? How should they be treated? What should there be between ceilings and the floors above? Why? How should the corners and angles of floors and ceilings be How should the wards be cleaned? What should be done with Where should the water-closets, etc., be located? How should they How much water should be furnished per bed? Why should no sewer or house-drain be laid under a ward? Where should the nurses' rooms be? Where the ward kitchen and dining-room? What is the administration building for, and what should it contain? What officers are necessary for the management of a hospital? What are their duties? How should the resident physicians be qualified and selected? How should the sick be classified, and what wards should there be in a general hospital? Mention some of the details that should be noted in the case THE hygiene of schools comprises the consideration of the sanitary principles underlying the construction of school-houses and school-furniture; the proper amount of time to be devoted to study at different ages; the special diseases of school-children, their causes, and means for their prevention.


He improved this land in to some extent and then traded for another farm adjoining.

In acute pancreatitis, there is more profound colic india and is more intense and constant than in biliary colic. There remains to be considered a reviews very important question. As a variety australia of this form may be mentioned the passage of the strangled intestine through a cut made near the neck of the sac when a hernia knife had been introduced to divide the" stricture at the neck of the sac." Maydl has observed this accident.

Cases of a more severe type, associated with an enlargement of 50mg the spleen and albumin in the urine, and since then the severer type of this disease has In a chart I represented graphically the seasonal incidence of a series of my own cases, and of a seasonal incidence of so called catarrhal jaundice as and dispensaries of that city. C.jAnschutz's, a crystalline substance which liberates pure chloroform on application cipla of gentle heat. The chart of the case complicated by malaria was an interesting one (iene). A very important field for the exercise of municipal manufactured and domiciliary quarantine is furnished by those contagious and infectious diseases which, while causing large mortality, seldom prevail in epidemic form, viz., measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, Measles may be dismissed with a few words.

Under the circumstances, indeed, it effects would be impossible to avoid an intimate knowledge of their therefore feel that I am qualified to make comparisons. The cause of glanders has recently been discovered by Loffler to be uk a bacillus resembling the bacillus tuberculosis. A stronger instrument is useful for the extraction vs of bodies from tissues other than the brain. The readiest way of using the crust is to crush a small fragment between two small squares of glass, then moistening it with a drop of warm (not hot) water, and smearing it on the spot where the vaccination is to be made (cheap). B., Full, one in which the patient's body mg is entirely covered by water, so that his chin just clears it. But it should be remembered that these rates for such short periods cannot by any means accurately indicate the actual annual rate, and that they are to be used only for comparing the rates for similar periods at different seasons, etc: tablets. It is flattened toward the median line and covered with a hard newly-formed coating which has fixed and helijed to suspend it in the pleural cavity: 100. Where the nerve suture has been accompanied by a reduction in the length of the nerve no movements should be made until there is reason to believe that the union is very firm, and then thev should be started "50" very gently and be of sealing the medication in the urethra in acute cases of gonorrheal infection as well as for the purpose of prophylaxis after exposure. Paratyphosus B ign is present in a given serum.' carrying out the initial slide agglutination test that two or three emulsions are agglutinated in such a manner as to indicate that an absorption test may be tentatively carried out on the slide.

The relations of the vagina to surrounding parts ou are of considerable importance. Most of his strains grow on it very poorly, and side some of them not at all. If the patient medikamente-├╝bersicht be lying on his back the blood will regurgitate into both lungs. The student"should learn from any or all of Ms medical teachei-s how to recognize and how to inv.estigate cases of mental disorder, and the broad principles of their treatment." We may reasonably hope that the number of victims of mental disorder maj' be appreciably diminished if modern buy principles of psj'chical investigation and psychotherapy are incorporated in general medical knowledge.