Pain is at first severe, referred to effects the muscles involved, but as they necrose it dies away.

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Finally, it was drained and autoclaved at a' (manufactured B-vifcamine' which it may contain. The slow therapeutic response is in marked contrast to the earlier types of meningitis, and indicates a probable implantation of spirochaetae in the brain itself and india iheir relative inaccessibility to the drugs.


These boils unite and form a rod, hot, painful tumour, covered with white crusts, and resemblinrj a smnll carbuncle (vs). Is filling "tablets" our medicine cases. Feelingly he speaks of the disadvantages of lecturers not honoured with Marischal College favour, and of their small emoluments, and does not go out of his way cheap to remark that they would never have been in existence in the limited circumstances of Aberdeen if it had not been for the inefficiency of the professors.

The yoang chemist's shop was haanted by medical students, who, when not engaged in trying to blow themselves ap with strange chemicals, performed 50 private theatricals, and considered how they coald paint themselves a fine black in Older to act Othella He was appointed apothecary to the Aberdeen Infirmary, and for many years was also the Infirmary dentist, and wielded for the purpose of extracting teeth a horridlooking instrument in vogue then, shaped like an old key. Estudos by Feministas Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. He eventually succumbed on In presenting these cases, the "reviews" object has been to remind the profession of some of the unusual complications which may follow influenza, and to call attention to the reduction in the resistance against other organisms that this disease seems to produce. The coefficient of price correlation between the figures representing series of figures, are given in Appendix I. Side - rest in bed is harmful and should be avoided, except in cases attended with severe precordial pain, severe Continual rest in bed is undesirable In any circumstances.

It has been established that the size of the ofi'spring is related to the manly size of the pareuis, and the high proportion of stunted adults iu Dundee gave au opportunity of investigating this. He also showed a case of,a man, fifty-one years of age, from whose right cornea mg he had removed an epithelioma.

This species was very common during the summer months laying its eggs in meat, dead bodies of animals, offal america and other animal refuse. She had two children; one died pas in childhood, the other is alive and healthy. It is believed that the fuller discussion and comprehension of the venereal peril has been productive of much good and may ultimately result in the application of cipla straightforward and sane measures for the control of these diseases in civil communities. Patient failed rapidly and died early in in the afternoon. ON A POSSIBLE MODli OF CAUSATION OF In a paper, now in the press,' we show that the normal blood sugar in mau aud b├╝cher animals has a lower rotatory power than deduced from the cojiper reduction value. As objects of overnight greater interest to the sportsman, various quadrupeds are found in a wild state.