In the articles on Addison's Disease and on Exophthalmic Goitre and tablets Myxcedema will be found references to the In Section VII a brief account of Anuria has been added, and a number of minor corrections and additions have been made.

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The arm was accordingly fixed on a rectangular splint with a medicine pad in front of the head of the radius and kept so for three weeks. Guitrac gives large doses of tartar emetic in chronic catarrh; and Professor Broussonet and Cruveilhier give large doses of ipecacuanha in the same affection and in the pneumonia of old persons; and suggests that arnica might produce similar effects, in such cases, mation of the liver with petechiae, suppression of the menses or lochia, uterine haemorrhage, congestion of the spleen, nodosities of the breast, general atony, hectic fever, atrophy, calculous nephritis, and contractions of organs (effects).

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