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Best - it is a matter of general interest, and one in which I feel particularly concerned, as I am anxious to procure information from all sources, with the view of perfecting still further the"design" which Dr.

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I have not time to enter any further into the particulars of this case at present, and merely allude to it as one of those instances in which we have succeeded in allaying symptoms of cerebral excitement, where the state of the patient aflbrded very little grounds for any hope of a favourable termination: side. The formarion of a rup-likr Cupragol'' I A compound of cop acid compound, occurring ns a gray powder, treatment of rnnjiim tiviii''"iticin of Cuprii:i-'ft: review.

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Pas - describe the treatment of cancer of the stomach. The diagnosis must always depend in upon the clinical features of the case.