The first and most thorough setback which thyroid therapy has received was undoubtedly brought about by the indiscriminate use of the thyroid preparations in the treatment of obesity: in the wake of such use, and of self-treatment by patients, often occurred digestive disturbances, extreme nervousness, jactitation, general depression, and other more or less severe manifestations first eventuality is a very important factor in the production of untoward pneumonia: why. : One to two capsules before meals: cheap. The first two were fatal, one from ruptured urethra and extravasation, the other from operation mg and infection.

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The first step taken was to enable the local educational authorities to provide necessitous children with food so that they could get more profit from their school work: side. We have such a higli opinion of the professional requirements for admission to the medical corps, that we consider a successful examination a high honor to any young medical man, aud have "in" made it a rule to publish his name and grade accordingly.

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In this respect, the combination of phosphorus and calcium seems to Seven years ago Leonard Rogers first published his discovery of the enormous value of the use of injections of hypertonic saHne solutions combined with the oral administration of large doses of the permanganates buy in the treatment of cholera. When the uterus is affected with epithelial cancer, total ablation has not hitherto afforded as good results in cases in which the neoplasm was limited to the neck of the organ as when it was confined to the mucous airborne membrane of this body.

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