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Graves' disease does not seem to bear any relation to ordinary goitre, for it is not more medical frequently met with in the districts in which ordinary goitre is endemic than in those in which ordinary goitre is unknown. The report of this investigation, enriched with valuable material collected by the statistical division of this Department for a history of the outbreak, will be presented to 50 Congress at an early day, together with a statement of the previous history of this disease in this country, and chromo-lithographs of internal organs of animals Now we perfectly well know that many diseases of cattle, as of men, have their origin and distribution in the unnatural and unhealthy conditions of their growth and management, naturally resulting from what is termed our civilization. It has been shown that the orange colour produced in Folin's method of estimation is due to a strong reducing action of creatinine on mg picric acid, which is converted into diamine -mono nitrophenol.

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