I have referred at some length to the science of physiology, not because is it is the most important study in a course of medicine, but because it happens to be the only one with which I am at all familiar. The student attends the clinics and dispensary exercises in india medicine and surgery, and completes the required work in obstel rics, gynecology, and nervous diseases.

Personal history: has been in Chicago chewable eighteen months; drinks occasionally, smokes, habits regular, no venereal history; has been working of late in Brighton Park.

She noticed that her fingers attracted bodies, such as pieces of paper, ribbons, etc., and her hair not only does gave sparks when in contact with the comb, but had become very unruly in the matter of lying smooth.


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Another year has passed and we have again assembled to deliberate upon and to discuss questions affecting the interests of the Medical profession and the people of the State of Alabama: tadalist.

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