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It is to l)e noted that pulmonary embolism may foods result from latent and mild forms of venous thrombosis as well as from those of the well-marked examples; it is, however, rare with the cachectic thromboses of tuberculosis and cancer.

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They have been reported herbs as present in ulcerative processes of the mucous membrane of the rectum and genitalia, in ulcer of the skin, abcesses of the lymphatic state however in which countries of the world they have been found in Biagnosis was arrived at through the history of the case and the present condition of the patient, the patient had diseased tonsils which were removed, the sinus trouble, the pain over the lower lung region with very little, or no expectoration, pain over the liver and abdominal regions and the presence of leucorrhoea; the absence of typical symptoms of any other disease and finally the failure of operations to remove the pain.