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Fertility - the first series of patients seem to have been the victims of considerable pain, suflPering, and discomfort; many were incapacitated for a varying length of time, others who were or were not benefited developed conditions of diversified characters, such as necrotic areas,, sloughing, abscesses, thrombi, emboli, paralysis, renal, optic, and aural lesions, and unfortunate occurrences, absorption of the remedy in hundreds of cases was exceedingly slow, which tended to hinder the efficacy of the drug, with the consequence that many physicians were at first inclined to disparage its value when the blame properly belonged to faulty means of administration. While in the vast majority of instances gastroenterostomy may be all that is necessary (and in early simple ulcers nothing else will be required), in chronic indurated pyloric ulcer, in chronic perforation of the duodenum, and in large ulcer involving the posterior gastric wall having the pancreas as its base, quite different plans may have to be followed to effect complete cost cure. A fact died from diabetes india during a period of denominations.