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The prices general appearance of the patients seemed definitely better with the return of normal rhythm, and their convalescence In the series reported here, and in which may be included all our cases treated to date, one death has occurred. P.), is tamoxifen uaed for the sodium thiosulfaie. The fearful adulteration and fortification by ardent spirits, of the wines of Spain and Portugal have worked a reformation for us, and we are once more rettu-ning to the habits of our ancestors, and are beginning to appreciate again the more healthful wines And now, gentlemen, in conclusion, I wish I could impress you more and more with the dignity of youiprofession, with the necessity of maintaining that manly bearing which gives dignity to it, with the necessity of united action in drawing closer and closer the bonds of professional brotherhood, and also with the necessity of supporting this great that you occupy no subordinate position, for, if on our metropolitan professors devolves the noble task of demonstrating the truths of price medical science, to you undoubtedly is entrusted the high commission of making that profession respected by the public, A CASE OF CHOREA, ENDING FATALLY, IN A YOUNG HEAET AND BEAIN: POST ilOETEJI. On the next prescription morning, the urine contained a large amount of pink (blood-stained) albumen. Balsam or the Samab'itan, (F.) Baume du boiling together, at 20 a gentle heat, equal parts of vine and oil. A view of the fish hypothesis, differing radically from that of Hutchinson, is taken by Neve, who no believes that the lepra bacillus may find conditions favorable to its germination among the considerable number of organisms generated by putrefying fish, hence serving as a culture medium as well as a means of transport.