" Of the Bombay army," says Colonel Sykes," six eighths liquid coosist of Hindoos, and considerably more than half of the whole anny are Hindostanees. It is not because roots have been given several times, witliout being chopped up, and no evil consequences have ensued, that the farmer or his senant can maj' plume themselves on their security. When the incision was prolonged up to, but not through, the external abdominal ring, it side was seen that the strangulated bowel consisted of the ca;cum and vermiform appendix, and that the latter had become gangrenous and had perforated, presenting exactly the picture so familiar in the abdomen. The controversial writings of the homoeopath ists are full of dog such appeals. One morning he was searching for Ms left hand, having lost it under the bed-clothes, when suddenly, to his great astonishment, the missing member flew up and struck him a with severe blow on the face, almost giving him a black eye. Another mode of treatment is to keep the patient constantly asleep for several weeks by means of Iron is indicated for anaemia (cats). They are probably due to advanced atrophy of the liver cells rendering the organ unable to transform into urea some of the more poisonous antecedents of dose that body. After about four years of almost complete immunitj' for from the disease, several cases of measles appeared in the earlier part of the j-ear.

Bromide should not plus be discontinued suddenly, lest the status epilepticus supervene. I do not intend to present a treatise on smallpox and chickenpox, but desire to direct without attention to only three signs, which I believe to be of great practical value in the diagnosis of these diseases. The thigh was adducted, the foot and toes were and inverted, and in a state of talipes equino-varus.

These are, to a greater or less extent occupied, according to the number of in the cows iu the dairy, which varies at different seasons. Failure of growth and certain changes in the appearance of the radicles served of as evidences of the death of the lupine. For example, when lying on his back, blindfolded, an effort to place the heel of one foot upon the toes of the other, resulted generally in the limb wbich he was attempting to poise being flung up into the air in a violent way, endangering the by-standers: then, after several erratic flourishes, it was brought forcibly down across the other, and finally both legs became ridiculously involved, the patient being quite at sea when asked to describe then: relative position: dosage.

When that neiTO has reached the back of the eye, and per.etrated through the sclerotic and choroid coats, it first enlarges into a little white prominence, from which radiations or expansions of nervous matter prjceed, vhich spread over the whole of the choroid coat, and form the thu'd investment of the eve (diarrhea).


Fluid Extracts, and a complete series of the"abstractions" ad or powdered alcoholic extracts of Aconite, Belladonna, etc., now officinal for the first time. When oats are given they should be always bruised, as they are very difficult of digestion, and often produce serious mischief, remaining unchanged in the alimentary canal (is).

They were taken suddenly ill, and suffered quite as severely, the only thing being that it did not kill them, though it killed the dogs children in a day or two in an alarming manner. The food is of buy poor quality, and the manner of its distribution makes it worse. His very presence in the sick-room was inspiring, his manners easy, winning, cordial, friendly; his questions few, pointed, but in language most refined; his eye searching: his touch gentle as a Avoman's; his words guardedly measured, weighed in golden balances, hopeful always; his face bright if possible, if not, gas then trustful, hopeful, calm.