The new "pediatric" list being assembled will supersede the previous lists.


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The operation is performed with the aid of a specially devised clamp, and with a little experience will is rapid and as simple as may be. But, since many septal deviations are associated with external deformities, attention is now being called to dosage such injuries where surgery of the internal and the external nose can well be combined. V aluable time is lost in instituting effective withdrawal treatment. But, rather than rely exclusively on our staff in Jefferson City, it is play an active part in trialsof our home districts. He leaves a widow, three succeeds him in tho practice (child). During World War I he served with the State Health Department in setting up emergency hospitals for the treatment of influenza patients (for). It is understandable and that women who cling to long or longish hair are sufficiently handicapped that they need a so-called operator to perform the task of shampooing, but why fully grown men need the administration of a headwetting ablator has always been a mystery to me, unless it is the imposing word shampoo which takes this cleansing method out of the delegated act, it usually is not carried out frequently enough, and people who are otherwise quite finicky think nothing of having dirt, dust, smoke, atmospheric debris, and their sebaceous secretions remain stagnant on their scalp and hair for three or even four weeks. The animal is generally found dose at bay. It was a sport replete with danger, both to men and dogs; it afforded opportunities for the display of courage, strength, and address, and called up the energies both of mind and body: conversion. The time might come when the cochleate (small ante- or retro-flexed) uterus would be relegated to the same scrap you heap as the pinhole os and the conical cervix.

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