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An outline, however, giving prominence to points directions which bear on treatment, is perhaps made necessary by the fact that the view advanced as to the nature of diphtherial toxemia and its consequences is partly based on unconfirmed sphygmometric The observations, it is fair to explain, have been made with form, although the margin of possible error, owing to the personal equation, is greater and may be considerable even when due care is exercised, and the results are checked by a second observer. If one has a tablets new remedy to offer, its composition, physiological action, and the effects of its use in the disease"for which it is ad vocated are given. The first three chapters are devoted to various chemical, physical, and physiological considerations respecting iv the nature and amount of food required in health. For one thing he had an almost unique experience, both in general and field hospitals, attending the "to" wounded after the earlier battles on the eastern side, and accompanying Lord Roberts' army on the march to Pretoria, while he had also a glimpse of Xatal. One teaspoonful in a little water, and repeat It cannot be said that the epidemic of throat this year has been fertile in scientific results. The first suggestion mg of this plan is usually attributed to Prof. He had a very large and eflScient staff is of male and female attendants, and I can speak from personal knowledge, having held the asylum in charge during Dr. A number of years ago Pasteur suggested that the spores of anthrax were brought to the surface, from buried infected carcasses, by earth-worms and spread upon buy the ground in their castings. It has often seemed to us that one strong bad vapors strep and contaminated air at a low level from the ground.

She was and slightly anemic, otherwise her condition was good. His kindness of heart, his faithfulness as a friend, his wisdom as a counsellor, his tender dosage sympathy and skill as a physician, endeared him to the homes and families in the rounds of his large His clear mind, his tine culture, his habits of careful study, and his acquaintance with the best results of science, placed him in the front rank of his noble profession. But changes spread is quite noticeable, the pyramids retaining for the most part their normal coloring close by gray-white portions of cortical substance; certain spots, however, of the cortex assume a bright yellow coloi-ation, from accumulation of a quantity of fat in the epithelium: worldwide. At San Jacinto I visited two line mineral springs, the"Branch" and"Ritchey," ending up at Strawberry Valley, in just one mile in the nausea air.

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Waring claims that a country town would be vastly effects improved in sanitary condition by the substitution of even imperfect eewerage for the old-fashioned foulness of air, soil, and drinking-water resulting from cesspools and outside privies.